Swagbucks Review

Name:       Swagbucks.com
Website:   www.swagbucks.com 
Price:         Free
Overall Rank:  75 out of 100


Swagbucks is a website that you can sign up to for free.  This website offers different ways for you to earn swagbucks in exchange for Gift Cards to purchase items that you need.

Here are the following ways for you to earn swagbucks:


This is where you would have to put in your favorite search term to get points to earn a certain amount of swagbucks.

Watch Videos

In order to get a certain amount of swagbucks, you will have to watch the number of videos that they ask you to watch.

After you watch the specified number of videos, you will earn swag bucks.

Play Games

You pick a game from the list of games that they have provided.  You receive swagbucks after the completion of each game.

Answer Surveys

They will provide you with survey and tell you how much time the survey will be and you will have to answer the questions that they provide to you.

Discover Deals

They have another section where they will display an ad to you.  If you order the particular product that they have listed they will provide you with that amount of swagbucks that they have listed.

Shop and Get Cash Back  

This is the same as the Discover Deals section the only difference is that you will get cash back for a particular item that you have purchased.


Swagbucks is actually a website for people who are looking to earn a little extra cash online.  They will pay you in gift cards after you reach the amount of swagbucks that they require you to have before getting a gift card.


It used to be easier to earn the swagbucks, but now it is getting more difficult because you have to watch more videos for less swagbucks.  Unless you are actually purchasing a product it could take months before you actually get enough money to purchase a gift card.


The bottom line is that swagbucks is a legitimate website and they will give you your gift card with no problems once you earn enough swagbucks to check out with.