Internet Scams


Believe it or not college students are vulnerable targets for scammers.  A lot of college students are way over their heads in student loans and they are looking for a way to find relief.
They lure them in with the promise that they don’t have to pay a dime to get their student debt discharged, but in actuality they charge fees for services that the students can get for free if they go directly to the government for help.

They innodate them with Credit Card Offers through the mail trying to get them to apply for a credit card with high interest rates.


These are scams where people pray on the elderly and people with dementia.  They send letters in the mail stating that the person has won the lottery and that in order to get the money they have to send in a certain amount in order for the money to be released to them or they might even say that you have to pay taxes on the money.