Current Telephone Scams


With so many scammers around these days you have to be on the lookout and be vigilent all the time when it comes to scams.  The latest scam to tell you about today is the Scammers that are calling and Personating Police Officers.

If you get a call from a stranger saying that you failed to show up for court and that you have to pay a fee or a fine, then most likely it is a scam.  Basically, if the court needs to contact you they will do it by mail or have the paperwork that they need to send you sent to you by mail.  The only time that I know that the court will actually call you is if you are serving on Jury Duty and you fail to appear at court the following day while you are serving on a case.

If you know that you have not had any current dealings with the court and have not been on Jury duty, then you should not be getting any calls from the court and the court will not tell you over the phone if you have to pay a fine for anything.   When in doubt always contact the party directly yourself.


A family member gets a frantic call from a stranger who states that one of their family members has been kidnapped and is in danger.  The caller threatens to harm the victim unless a ransom is paid.
Every day there are more and more people trying to find a way to scam people.


If you get a complete stranger that you have never heard of before calling you and telling you that they are from Microsoft and that you have a computer virus on your computer and if you don’t take care of it right away your computer will shut down.  Now this one is a true story a family member actually received a call regarding this one.  They don’t ask for you by name they just start off by saying that your computer has a virus. Now how does this person even know that you have a computer?  They don’t they are just calling random numbers because they know that the majority of people have computers and they want you to just go directly to your computer and type in what they want you to type in.

If your computer doesn’t have a virus it will after they finish with you, so be very weary of this type of stuff.