Top 10 Business Ideas


Here is a list of the Top 10 Business Ideas if you are thinking about starting a business


is a good business idea if you are interested in doing translations on a full time basis.  There is a need for translation in all languages and you can be paid more than $50 an hour just to translate for one or two hours and in some instances it can be more.

Whatever language you are interested in translating for you will need to provide your resume to the agency that you are interested in translating for.

Different agencies offer different requirements.  Some agencies request that you be certified in order to translate for them and other agencies don’t require that you be certifed at all just as long as you are proficient in your translation abilities.


There is a big demand for you in the online world if you like to write.  There are so many people who do not know how to write and are looking for someone that can help them to write articles for their blog or website.

If you are a good writer and are interested in writing then Freelance writing is a good job to look into.


Everyday millions of people and creating videos for utube.  Utube is becoming the most popular search engine tool next to google where you can go and search for anything that you want just by clicking in the search bar what you want to see or if there is something that you want to learn how to do then doing utube videos is a great thing to do.


If you are looking to create your own business, but you don’t want to have the overhead or you don’t want to deal with the mailing out of merchandise or talking to customers over the phone then droppshipping is the thing to do.

With droppshipping all you would have to do is setup your website and have all the merchandise droppshipped to the customer without you having to physically do the work yourself.


This is the process where you create your own product that you want to sell and you put your own label on that product and sell it.  You can either sell the product yourself or you can have Amazon sell the product for you and all you would have to do is pay the necessary fees that Amazon charges you to have your product shipped to the customer.


Selling products on Amazon is an easy way to get rid of those old items that you no longer want.  You can sell your old CD’s Books and other merchandise to Amazon and have the merchandise shipped directly to the merchant by Amazon or you can ship the merchandise yourself and keep the profits.

The good thing about selling your products on amazon is that you don’t have to physically store the products in your house you can simply mail the products to amazon to be stored in their warehouse until you are ready to sell them.


Doing taxes for people who have no knowledge of how to do their own taxes is a good side business to have and make extra money.  You can either set up your own business and do taxes for your customers or you can take classes at one of the tax places like H & R Block Jackson Heweitt etc., and do your customers taxes at one of their locations.


Becoming a party planner is another good way to make some extra money on the side because people are always looking for people to help them plan their parties or weddings.


Selling T-shirts is a good way to start off if you want to be your own entrepreneur.  You can design a catchy logo that can be put on a T-shirt and worn by millions of people who wear T-shirts everyday.

You would have to look and find someone who can print the logo on your shirts so you would have to look into trying to find someone who is reasonable that will print the logos on the shirts or you can learn how to do it for yourself.


Selling jewelry is a good thing to do if you are interested in selling jewelry.  Selling Unique Jewelry is different because people are looking to buy jewelry that is different and Unique so Selling Unique jewelry would be a good idea because it is not your usual jewelry it is jewelry that nobody wears and that is different.