How to Take Action for Success


How to Take Action for Success

To take action for success is simular to setting your goals.  Once you set them you have to take action   .

Once you write down what your particular  plan will be you will need to take the necessary steps to make that plan a reality by working towards the goal that you have put in place for yourself which means that you can not give up, you have to push forward and keep your eyes focused in order to succeed.

Always keep a positive attitude and outlook and don’t give up on your dream.  Keep going to make that dream become a reality.  Take small steps and don’t try to do more than you can do at one time.

When I was working on a particular job,  I remember having so much work to do and I felt that it was impossible for me to do so much work at that particular time.  I could not believe the amount of work that was coming in on a daily basis and during that point in time I did not have a plan of action in place.

Once I felt comfortable and had a little knowlege of how the process worked I put a plan of action into place.  I started thinking to myself now there are only 8 hours that I have to work on this particular job each day now how can I get this work out in a timely manner and also in an efficient manner.

As I began to think about It, I decided on what my plan of action would be.  I started working on each pile that I had according to the date that the paperwork was received.  I remember thinking at that particular time, now the mail comes in only once a day and in that day only a certain amount of mail can be delivered each day.

This was one of those jobs where there was a timeline that had to be followed, if the paperwork wasn’t prepared and sent out in that time frame, the party could file a complaint and complain about their work not being sent in a timely manner.

After I put this particular plan of action into place I found that the process became much easier, I found the pile that I was getting starting to go down and became manageable.  It worked so well that I started to see my baskets becoming empty and some days I didn’t have any work to do at all.

This is the same thing that we have to do in life in order to have success.  We need to figure out a way to make a plan and set up that plan and work on that plan until we complete our goal to success.  Now it may seem like we will never get to where we want to be but if you think about it, the goal to success is the same as if you were going to a college or a university and you had to work your way to getting that degree it is no different.

Keep on pushing no matter how hard it is to make that dream become a reality.