How to Sell Used Books


In this post I will be talking about how to sell used books on Amazon.  I am sure that there are more websites out there that you can sell your used books to, but I will only be talking about the one that I am familar with and have had experience selling my used books to in the past.  I will also list a few more websites that you can go to also to sell your used books.


At you will need to sign up on at seller central and open up an account.

Put together all of your used books that you want to sell.  Once you put together all of your used books you will have to go to amazons seller central and list each book one at a time on their website by using the ISBN # OR the ASIN # located on each book.

Look at the ISBN#or the ASIN# on the book and go to the site and check out how much the book is selling for on amazon.  The way to do this is to type in the name of the used book that you are selling and it should come up and tell you how many used books that are currently on sale now.  You go and click on the part that says used books and the name of the book and the amount that they are selling for will come up.

Now before you actually sell your book you will have to go to the section where you will have to fill out a form and tell them the condition that your book is in.  The conditions are NEW USED GOOD VERY GOOD etc., once you put in the condition of the book you will go down further and put in the price that you want to sell your book for.

Just because the book is selling for a certain price does not mean that you have to sell yours for that price, but keep in mind what the actual book Is selling for and also keep in mind if you want to sell your book you might have to go a little lower than the competition to sell yours.

Remember, that it is at your discretion whether or not you want to price it the same or at a lower price or at a higher price than your completion.

Be aware of the fees that Amazon will charge you for a particular book say for instance you put a used book up for sale and you might say that you are selling it for $5.00 if amazon charges you $4.00 in fees you will only have a $1.00 profit for yourself so it is very important to learn the fee schedule before you sell your used books.



There are other websites where you can sell your books, but I am not familiar with those sites.