How to Market Your Website

How to Market Your Website

Produce Quality Content

To produce quality content you want to be able to be creative with your writing you don’t need to be a professional in order to produce quality content.

All you have to do is tell what your story is.  You can write about what you have learned,  tell people about your story or you can talk about things that you do everyday.

You can give tips about things like how to manage your time or whatever it is that you have learned.  Maybe you worked on a particular job and you have learned skills that you would like to teach someone.  People are always looking for ways on how to do different things.

You really want to create compelling and useful content.  You also want to create content that is for your users and not for search engines.

Make Sure it is Easy to Access Your Website

You want to make sure that when someone visits your website that they can access it easily and you want to make sure that your words are easy to read and clear.

Let People Know that your Site Exists

When you begin to build your first website, the first thing that will come to your mind will be that everyone will automatically know about your website.  The actuality is that no one will know about your website because there are millions of websites out there and your website will not even be noticed until you actually let someone know about it.

Just because a website is built does not mean that people know that it exists.  In order for people to know that it exists you have to reach out by submitting your website to the different search engines like google, yahoo and bing  and also through blog posts, and social media services email and forums.

If you are familiar with social media you can talk about your website on social media and some people submit their websites to the different directories also.

You can also make up your own business cards and pass them out and you can also do a newsletter to promote your site.

Do a Utube Video

Utube is another way to market your business next to google it is one of the largest platforms where people go and promote their business.  Do a Utube video. Make a how to Video


Learn about SEO which means Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Optimization is ensuring that your site will appear in the search results this is just only one part of the process, but your ultimate goal is to make sure that your consumers are happy.


A lot of people promote their websites by using Pay Per Click.

What is PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means that advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked
It is a way of getting visits to your website instead of waiting to get them organically.